Welcome to my website. This is a place for those who are truly serious about real-world practical shooting. Whether your forte is Competition, LE/Military, or Personal defense, if your goal is to be a “better shooter” then I can help you with that. Take a look around and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Robert provides training classes for ALL skill levels of practical shooters…..Competitive, Law Enforcement, Military and Self Defense. He offers three different areas of instruction, World Class Pistol Skills, Competitive Pistol, Practical Pistol Applications and “Real” Speed Pistol. Robert has a knack for seeing your skill level and will tailor to your needs…always finding something fun to challenge you with. He has classes at his home range in Ohio and all over the world.

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Designed by a World Champion for the equal balance of accuracy and speed required in all realms of Practical Shooting. The wider and also deeper rear notch combined with a fiber optic that sets in the very top of the front sight makes them unique and desirable for ‘calling your shots’ during high speed shooting. Specs: Hardened steel, matte black finish. Rear: Serrated 40LPI with double set screws, .250 tall, notch is .150 wide and .130 deep. Front: Serrated 40LPI, .220 tall, .117 wide, fiber optic size .040, includes hexagonal mounting screw and 2 inches of red fiber optic.

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