Robert is available upon request for training. Whether you wish to reach the upper levels in the competition arena or want to improve your shooting skills for personal defense, he has something for you. For more information or questions on training with Robert please contact him with the following information.

  • Type of training desired
  • Number of individuals
  • Level of experience
  • Location of training

Open enrollment courses include World Class Pistol Skills and variations of Competitive Pistol in the disciplines of IDPA,USPSA and IPSC.

Robert also has a Practical Pistol Applications course that is designed specifically for LE and Military units.

The following is Robert’s open enrollment class schedule thus far for 2020; if you’re interested in one please contact him:

February 8-9       World Class Pistol Skills            Riverside, CA
March 22             Competitive Pistol                      Chesterton, IN
April 3-5               Shooter Symposium                  Houston, TX
April 11                World Class Pistol Skills            Cridersville, OH
April 25                Competitive Pistol                      Defiance, OH
May 2                    World Class Pistol Skills            Lima, OH
May 9-10              World Class Pistol Skills            Colorado Springs, CO
May 16-17            World Class Pistol Skills            Hedgesville, WV
June 12-13            World Class Pistol Skills            Lebanon, IN
July 22-23             Practical Pistol Applications    Richfield, OH
August 8-9            World Class Pistol Skills           Chugiak, AK
August 29-30       World Class Pistol Skills            Amherst, OH
October 3-4          World Class Pistol Skills            Gainsville, TX

Robert is also available for private classes (at his location near Lima OH) at the following rates:

1-2 students=$600 per day total ($300 each if two people)

3 students=$750 per day total ($250 each)

4 students=$800 per day total ($200 each)

If you can make it happen a private class is definitely the way to go!

Price for class size training will be on a case by case basis depending mostly upon location

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